Floating Series

Floating series - encompasses both drawing and painting series ongoing from 2012 to 2019. This work continues my interest in the macrocosm and microcosm schema of ecological systems. Underlying the diversity and complexity of ecology is structure that reflects the operation of fundamental physical and biological processes — patterns of structure that are self similar can be observed over a wide range of scales. As a visual artist engaged with the physical natural environment, these emergent patterns are particularly compelling and have become a major concentration in my work. This body of work shifts my earlier focus from the biotic to the abiotic. I am interested in the repeating movements and structures of abiotic systems such as air, water, rain, and clouds. Water,for example,reveals similar patterns of movement through both cloud formation in the atmosphere, and undercurrents in a stream. These patterns repeat on both massive and minute scales. Art and science coincide in this work, as my intent is to create images that oscillate between the objective and the imaginary. I am interested in the visual analogies set up when the subject is detached from definite scale, context, colour and paradigm. For example: imagery suggesting water molecules takes the shape of clouds. The clouds can, at once, also be read as landscape, or as microscopic particles. These works are meant to function as a reflection of the interconnection of ecological systems.