Systems Series

Systems Hybrid,  2013, oil/paper

Systems Hybrid, 2013, oil/paper

This series produced from 2010 to 2012 examined structural parallels between biotic systems. Specifically this work examined the structure of systems in both human and plant form: circulatory, reproductive / propagative, vascular.  I used scientific diagrams and microscopy images from both plant and human studies to direct the work. My intent was not a strict mimeses of the scientific illustrations or images. I am interested in the visual analogies that take place when this imagery is removed from the original scale, paradigm and context. By rendering all subject matter on a similar scale and removing associative size, context, and colour, I aim to focus on the visual and functional similarities in these sustaining underpinnings of life. The visceral quality of paint and gestural application is employed as a means of detaching the subject matter from the strictly empirical information of the scientific illustrations towards more subjective information. I am interested in the visual ambiguity of the forms, in that they can be read as either from plant or animal, or either internal or peripheral elements. For example: either seedpods or blood cells. Some of the imagery created references  plant systems; some human/animal and some are hybrids. Ultimately my intent, through the use of these visual analogies, is to underline the fundamental interconnections of all life systems.